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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY Photo Gallery

Remember the 274 pictures I took from our Washington, DC trip? If not click here for a reminder of a most amazing place everyone should visit. Here's the picture I took in DC of our Capitol. We decide to restyle our bedroom. And ...

 Here's what we did. A photo gallery of some of our favorite architecture in DC. The middle is a piece of Subway Art of the Metro Stops, I matted it to some painted wood and added a picture hanger on the back-easy!

The pictures are black and white canvases--you can always find deals on Shutterfly, My Publisher or Snapfish for canvas deals, because normally they are about $60 for an 11 x 14. If you like the canvas look you can Google for them, or just print the photo and Modge Podge it onto a wooden backing, and add a picture hanger. If you do that, I recommend spraying the wood with adhesive spray first, then attaching photo, run a credit card along the top and edges of photo to remove bubbles and then Modge Podge over photo.

I have to thank my tech savvy husband for changing our colored shots into black and white. Pretty great reminder, and motivator!

Top left: The window at St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Bottom Left: Washington National Bank
Top Right: U.S. Capitol
Bottom Right: The support beams in the underground Metro tunnels

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