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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Loose Change Challenge

I had this great idea late last night. What if I kept all my change for a month and saved it for something useful. Kind of like the debit card that rounds up your total and puts the extra in your savings account. So if you spend $5.90 they take $6.00 and put the extra 10 cents into your savings. I can't remember which card, but you get the idea.

So if I did the same thing with my change and just put it in a jar--would it add up to anything useful?
Most of the time my change ends up at the bottom of my purse and pays Tooth Fairy bills or allowance for the little ones that think five coins to pick up their room is great!

I found this great article on a favorite blog of mine. Check it out here to discover what a little spare change can do. The writer Sarah uses her spare change to build her emergency essential supplies.

I think that is a great idea. What else could you do with some spare change? Maybe donate it to a local charity, send it to troops overseas or buy some surprises to thank your kids' teachers.

I have a feeling that a little bit of change can make some big changes. I am taking up the challenge to make a difference with my change....join me!

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