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Friday, February 1, 2013

Doing More with Less: More Money Saving Tips

If you tuned into Monday Money (Jan. 28 post) you have learned some tips to help you live below your means this year.

Here are a few more tips for stretching those pennies...

1. Learn some basic skills. You don't have to have a sewing machine to survive, but some basic skills help. Mending a sock or cutting off torn jeans into shorts will help stretch those pennies. It's easier, and cheaper to fix something when it's slightly worn.

2. Repurpose. Think about swapping things with friends. You decide you don't like your old jeans, find a friend to trade your old jeans for her old earrings and you've got something new at no cost. Or turn a damaged table cloth into a table runner, an old sweater into a hat or Tye-dye that bleached t-shirt. Painting furniture or old frames can give the piece new life. Making something old new again, saves our landfills and your pocketbook.

When you buy an item see if there are other possible uses than what it was intended. Old drinking glasses can become planters or vases; cloth diapers or old towels can become dusting rags. Think of yourself as a fairy godmother of repurposing objects.

3. Grow things. Use the land you have to become more self sufficient. Try potted gardens if space is limited. Seeds are going on sale now, so try a few things this year. If you are a skilled gardener, how do you preserve your harvest? Home canning, dehydrating and freezing are great ways to enjoy it all year long. These are easy methods and will save you money.  

One of my favorite tips: freezing my herbs in ice trays. I harvest my herbs, wash them, chop them up, put them in trays, fill them with water and freeze them. Once frozen, I pop them out and put them in storage containers or bags. I can use them all winter long, they still give fresh tasting herb flavor to soups, stews and casseroles.

Simple way to self sufficient living.
Happy Savings!

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