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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Boot Socks

Here's an easy idea to recycle an old sweater. Cut off the sleeves above the seam where the shoulder meets the sleeve. **Measure the length of your calf, and cut across the sleeve (at the top where it met the shoulder) to the desired length measurement. Embellish along open end where you just cut, stretching the sweater as you sew/glue the ribbon, lace, etc. along the opening. The end of the sleeve is already sewn, so really there is no sewing needed, unless you want to secure the top of the sock with stitching or sew on ribbon or lace. To measure ribbon or lace times the width of your sock by 2.5, because you are stretching the fabric as you embellish you will use more ribbon.

And viola... boot socks on the cheap.

**Tip 1: If you have wide calves you can cut rectangles of the remaining sweater fabric to the desired width. Measure the length and width of your calve then cutting from the bottom hem toward the neckline cut out the needed length and width. You now have two rectangles of the same size. Put "right" sides together and sew together on edges to form tubes. Embellish top end, stretching fabric as you sew on embellishments.

Tip 2: You can also use knee high or thigh high nylons and cut off the toe. Then embellish the top, remembering to stretch the nylon as you sew or glue.

Recycle, Reuse and Really Impress your kids, neighbors and friends!

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