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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frozen Fun

It's just plain old cold. It makes me want to stay in bed and hibernate 'til Spring. I can't, so instead I am doing the same-old-same-old and hangin' out with the kids, The Bachelor and my sweatshirt.

Our baby just turned three. Yes, Three! I can't believe it, and am not sure I like it. At this point, with all the other kids, we were having another baby, but not this time--much to LaLa's relief. The silver lining to the Baby growing up is that she decided "diapers are stupid" and has begun to close that long, 12 year old chapter of our lives. I don't even know what it will be like to go to Target and not buy diapers....seems like a fairy tale.

On the cusp of the Baby's birthday, we also have D. turning 6. I said I wanted to have another baby when D. was born, but I wanted the baby to be here before D. turned 3. So with 10 days to spare that all happened. D. is by far my most independent, honest, dramatic child--and that's sayin' something with 4 girls. She speaks her mind and does whatever she does with her own flair. I am sure this year will hold a whole lotta fun for (and with) her.

As the weeks roll by it will soon be time for the twins to turn 12. I told them they are not allowed, and they are going to be 11 again. They have a whole new world just around the corner. They have no idea how hard, trying, emotional, and heartbreaking it might be. For once, I am glad for the tender mercy of naivety. They are looking forward to Junior High, they won't admit they are looking at boys, but I know--I was 12 once. We've grown a bit more accustomed to girl world-and they are learning to navigate those shark infested waters beautifully.

J. Dog is just excited about the Pinewood Derby, beating his sisters at Wii Swordplay, and coming home to race cars with his Dad. Oh, how simple life is for an 8 year old boy.

Anyway, onto the point. Life is really short, and the older (and greyer) I get, the faster it passes. So this year will be the year I just do IT--I don't need a reason other that I wanted to and I did whatever IT turns out to be. I figure that we threw a few goals out there and achieved some of them last year. Why not do it again?

 This year we want to survive school; we want to skip the Christmas hustle and bustle and spend time on a family vacation--somewhere warm; we keep kicking around big ideas for the future--for now I want to put those on hold and just focus on what's happening TODAY. Being present is a hard thing for me, I am so focused on what's next, I forget about what's now. So that's my goal. This blog may suffer, my "responsibilities" that I deem important in the past, may fall by the wayside. Oh well! If I die tomorrow I want to know that I did all I could to really take a big bite out of life and seize every opportunity that came my way. Can't fault a girl for trying to enjoy life TODAY, can you?

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