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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Perfect Purse

You know when you find "the one" that you've been searching for? How good it feels to hold it, and swing it around your arm, maybe admire it across a crowded room? That is how finding the perfect purse should feel....sorry if you were thinking I was going somewhere else with that.

Once you have the perfect bag it has to be filled with just the right thing. As a mom sometimes mine has old french fries, pieces of puzzles or gum wrappers. Once in awhile I get five minutes (like waiting for a doctor, or at a stoplight) and I clean out my purse. All this got me thinking..

Checklist for the perfect purse
1. Gum or mints-duh!
2. Lip gloss- double duh!
3. Small tube of Vaseline- this can soothe chapped lips or elbows in a snap. Also a good eye makeup remover.
4. Band-aids- they always seem to be the thing I don't have and always need.
5. Clear nail polish- stop a run in the nylon on the way to work or church in a snap; hold down a thread before it unravels or entertain your 3 year old in the doctors office without making a mess.
6. Safety pins- the can hold a split seam, shrink a baggy shirt or keep receipts handy in a hurry.
7. Elastics- great for a quickie up-do, or to hold together your toddler's pants that you didn't notice are too big. It's OK, she won't take them off anyway. At least the elastic will keep her pants on.
8. Mini notebook and pen- it's old school, I know. But you can play countless games, make notes or even do homework when you are waiting for a doctor, dentist, or the waiter to come.
9. Double sided tape- you never know when all Hell will break loose, so at least you are prepared. This can hold down that one place in your favorite shirt that just doesn't cooperate, also good for a quick hem for say, when your kids trip on the way out the door and rip out the seam in their skirts.
10. Tissues or Handi Wipes- sometimes you come across messes you didn't expect and someone has to clean it up. Sometimes that someone is you.
11. Tylenol or Motrin- cuz after the day you've just had, you're gonna need 1 or 2 or sometimes 10. **Disclaimer: Never take more than the recommended amount.

No wonder that Moms always have huge purses. The trick is keeping it all organized. So find a cute make-up bag (tons of cute styles are in many dollar stores) and throw together a Survival Kit for 2013. You're gonna need it. And you can thank me later.

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