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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Later 2012

Time is running out and 2013 is almost here. While 2012 was full of some heartbreak and a new found sense of world insecurity, I hope we each take a moment to realize all the good things, and good people, that still exist. If the Mayan's were wrong, and the world didn't end on the 21st please enjoy this blog post of 2012.

I like making a quick list of all the good from this year. It's a good way to keep track of my identity, and I encourage you all to take a minute to take a personal inventory of your accomplishments. It's so much easier to remember mistakes, but forgive, forget and focus on how many things you did right.

The Best Things in 2012
Our kids all got older. Which is great because they are more responsible and are becoming the amazing people they were intended to be.

Andy went back to school and I am so grateful not only for the opportunities that made this possible, but for his willingness to go. I know it's not easy balancing his very full plate, but I am so glad we can enjoy this school adventure together.

I finally got a phone that can text. I have now moved into the 21st century. I don't use it a ton, but WOW! what an ingenious invention.

My friend Ben McAdams won his election as local county mayor. He will do a great job and it was truly an honor and pleasure to work for him. I hope someday our paths will cross again. He is proof that hard work really does pay off. Thank you Ben, for letting me be part of the process.

I learned to say No. If you are a woman, you know how this is. I don't want upset anyone or not do everything, all together and at the same time. I am a fantastic multi-tasker, but had to step away from some projects. I miss being involved in the kids' classes, but there is a time and season...I am sure my guilt will dissipate at some point.

We all know how much I love THE city...Washington, DC was the highlight of my year. I loved the travel and hanging out without an agenda (ok, well a non-kid related agenda). Our memories will last a lifetime, cuz I've scrapbooked about a million pictures, and it will be impossible to not return soon.

I look forward to more good things next year---and hope as a community and nation we can look for the good that surrounds us.

Happy New Year!

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