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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Post-Snack Post

After a weekend full of ups and downs I am ready for a full week. Happy Giants fans at our house. I have to admit I didn't have a dog in the fight, even though I used to be a big Pats supporter. After Tommy married Gisele, it was over. And now maybe he is too. J-Dog kept looking for the Utes and kept asking why the RES looked different. We had to explain pro-ball, not college. I think the red/white Giants uniforms, threw him off.

Let's say I am probably in the minority of women who watch football. I actually watch the game, but love the food and commercials too. I didn't find the commercials anything extraordinary, but loved the Chrystler one. It says a lot about our country and where we need to be going.

The food here was great. 9 layer dip, ham and cheese ball, Superbowl Subs and minty-extra chocolate brownies. I found this great recipe about roasted chickpeas, after the fact, and wish I'd had it before to balance out the carb load. Maybe next year.

What else is on the menu?
Honey Mustard Chicken (if I get a sec I'll throw it on here)
Pizza-I got a new dough roller and it pokes holes in the crust as you roll
Dutch Oven Roast-hopefully this one won't burn
BBQ burgers-cuz I am dying for summer

Happy Eating

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