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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parental Warning

If you knew how funny you sounded to a five year old, you'd keep your mouth shut. They are walking tape recorders. I have had a less than fun week with snotty noses, sleepless nights and serious tantrums.

With all this "fun" I have rediscovered a lot of little things, like how I sound to my kids. They use really big words, and know what they mean. D.'s favorite words this week are "actually" and "vomit." In fact she's so in love with her new vocabulary she fits it in wherever she can. Yesterday she asked if she could take vomit for the letter V on show and tell. Ummm...Actually, no you can't.

I gave her matchstick pretzels with her lunch and she proceeded to show me how she can "actually smoke" them. Ok, so she's 5 going on 25. Not a big surprise.

Today I dropped her off at preschool and a little boy was waiting for her. He's her newest love. He waited at the top of the stairs, took her hand and they walked into the school together. After school he was hanging out his car window screaming her name and telling her goodbye.

Somebody get me the name of a good gunsmith or European boarding school. We are going to need them.

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