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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Smiley360 is a fun company. You answer simple surveys and get to try new fun products. A few weeks ago I got to try the new Pam Cooking spray--LOVE IT.

This week I got Knorr Homestyle stock and Infants' Advil. I have used the Advil before and it really works. I have lots of coupons to share if you want to try it out. My kids have texture and taste aversions to many things, medicine being one of them, and this does the trick and the baby doesn't whine, she just takes it. Which is great, because lately she's teething. Yeah....

The Knorr was great. It came with a bunch of recipes, but I like it in my Hamburger Stew, which is somewhere on this blog. If you need a sample, let me know I have a few left. There's tons of stuff you can use stocks for besides soup. Here's a link to other ideas

Happy Weekend

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