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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Vacation Time

The air smelled of Star Jasmine, cigarette smoke (from a neighboring trailer park) and deep fried goodness. Anticipation of what was to come hugged our children like a long lost relative. The soft breeze cooled the night as we bar-be-qued one of our favorite dinners. Needless to say it was the perfect beginning to a long awaited summer vacation tradition to Cherry Hill.

For nearly 25 years I have enjoyed the sights, smells and sounds of this camping area and water park. It rarely disappoints, even if it's full of people and 105 degrees, fun can be found. I am so happy this tradition has been carried on to my own family.

My kids had a blast and so did their parents. Easily one of the best times at the Hill ever! Syd and Abby scaled a 30 foot rock wall and both made it to the top. Abby scaled two different sides all the way to the top. She also hit a string of softballs in the batting cages. This is only remarkable because she'd never even held a baseball bat until that day. Jack decided he "didn't need me" and took on the Dragon Waterslides all by himself--both the slower and fast sides. Then Danni agreed to try this too, with some help from her big sisters. She had no fear, and for the first time in 10 years I got some freedom. It was fun to try new things and watch the kids try new things without fear--don't know where they get that from....

It sounds cheesy, but I will wrap this weekend up in a mental present box and store it away for a day in the future when I have five teens running 10 directions and me running to keep up. I am not naive, I know it's coming, but this vacation was pure bliss, so if I have to draw upon it in the future, it is now safely stored away.
Here's a run down of fun you too can have at Cherry Hill.

Tent and trailer camping--call and make a reservation . There are plenty of trees to keep you shaded and cool. Also the website has a 10% discount coupon you can print.

Splash pass- a must since it allows you into the Dragon Waterslides, Cardiac Canyon, Pirates Cove (awesome place for little kids, complete with huge pirate ship to play on), Olympic sized pool and Lazy River. $18 (discounts in Happenings and often on City Deals) for ages 5 to Senior Citizen. Seniors get in for $9 and kids 3 & 4 are $7. Under 2 is free. If you don't want to pay that, a $10 after 5 p.m. pass is available. There is also a "camper's pool" that you can use if you don't want to get a Splash pass at all, but still need to cool off. The use of this pool is included in your camp fee.

Mini Golf-kind of pricey without coupons (which are available in Happenings books or on the CH website). I wouldn't recommend this for kids under 6. It's long and sometimes there's a wait. There are fun holes with Dragon/Princess/Castle themes, but plan on about 1 hour to complete it.

There are also batting cages ($2 for 25 balls) and the Rock Wall ($4 for 2 climbs), Hamster Haven for little ones ($4 all day) and Aeroball. I would avoid the snack bars, since they are packed with fried, over priced food. You can bring in food to the water areas, and there are plenty of picnic tables spread throughout the park. Also I'd make sure your kids are water safety savvy as the place can get crowded. Our solution to this is to go mid-week and avoid the crowds.

It's also close to Hill Air Force base which has a Free, cool museum. Also close to shopping in case you forgot to pack anything.

So grateful we went and took loads of pics (400 printed ones to be scrapbooked between St. George a few weeks ago and this vacay). This will be a trip we'll all remember for a long time. Now back to reality and 12 loads of laundry!

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