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Friday, July 1, 2011

Field Trip Friday

We celebrated with all our UTE friends today at the State Capitol. There was a huge party welcoming us to the PAC 12. Each Friday we try to take the kids to have a fun day and try to do something we wouldn't normally do. Today rocked.

We had ice cream, tattoos, buttons and pics with Swoop and the cheerleaders. The kids had fun. It was hot and we got tired after about an hour, so we went to lunch. Ok, I bribed them that if they were good, I'd buy them lunch. Hey, it worked, don't judge.

Here is a awesome link you won't want to miss of Danni. If you're our friend on Facebook, copy this to your browser and check out my 4 year olds moves.

 If you're not our friend on FB, you are missing out on a debut of a lifetime. We had fun and hopefully their memories will last. If not, I am totally scrap booking the entire event. Including a picture of Swoop picking Abbey's nose.

GO UTES! That's right.- We're training them young.

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