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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Meal time Mondays (on Sunday)

Last week was kind of crappy. In one week my oven broke, the phone broke, Danni has a cavity (probably cuz she's so sweet) and we found out Syd has to have braces (and maybe glasses...). Why oh why did I kill my money tree???

Without a stove I am having to get really creative with dinner. I feel lucky we have an emergency kitchen, that we normally use for camping. We extended our grilling area so we now have an outdoor kitchen. Ok, well the poor man's version anyway.

That being said, here's this week's meal ideas. The crock pot recipes, along w/ 360 + more ideas can be found at

BBQ spare ribs-slop your favorite marinade on them and grill. Stubbs or Baby Ray's bbq sauces are both delish.

Crock pot lasagna

Crock pot sweet and sour chicken

Grilled chicken w/ mango pineapple salsa and brown rice

Philly beef and Swiss sandwiches (see the Philly Beef Heaven post under Meal Time category)

Corn dogs (yeah. It's pay day this week so I'm keeping it simple so I can make it to the store and still have dinner to feed all the little mouths around here.)

Continuing to make lemonade out of life's lemons~Have a good week!

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