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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vintage Inspired Cake Stands by Kate's Creations

Most of you know that I am a cupcake nut! I love to make them, add things to them, decorate them and of course, eat them!

I've come up with a way to display them and am offering these one-of-a-kind cake plates to you. Announcing the launching of my e-company:
 ~Kate's Creations~

 These first two, pictured above are the same plate. I just wanted to show the cute detail of the plate. I realize the plate has apples, not cupcakes, but to give you an idea of what your plate would look like all filled up and ready for guests I am using apples.

 This is a two-tiered Sunburst design. This could be used as a relish or dip tray, or a candy dish too.

This above plate design is a clear plate with clear glass bead accents. The accents are also available in blue, green, red and yellow.
This is the monogram plate, selling this week for $13. The mongoram is metal. I also have chipboard, which can be designed with black, red, white, or can be customized for you.
I am in the process of opening my own online store, but wanted to offer my first designs to you. I've checked out my competition and these plates sell on etsy from about $15 to $65. I am offering these first designs for $10 a plate stand through Memorial Day 2011. These make great wedding presents or shower gifts or birthday presents. The ones I am using as birthday gifts have 6-8 cupcakes on them and I wrapped the whole thing in cellophane and tied it with a bow.

Since they are each one-of-a-kind you'll find you options here:
Plate Option:
Sunburst (clear with design like the two tiered dish above)
Bone ceramic with dot embellishment
Plain white

Stands are glass bases either the cut crystal version above or a chunky wider base is also available.

One tier or two

Embellishments: (Which are $1-$3 extra)
Glass bead embellishments in white, red, yellow, green or blue, or a combo
Special Message
Or anything you can imagine

Shipping is additional, unless you live by me, and then you can come get it.

Don't you want one? When they go on my online shop they will be between $20 for one tier and $30 for two, depending on what embellishments you want. All are one-of-a-kind and it will make a unique gift.

Prices for orders make via a comment on this blog or email ( are $10 for a single tier and $12 for a double tier. Embellishments are extra. At this time I accept cash only. Please contact me if you'd like to place an order.

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