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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Awesome Things

I heard about this book a bit ago called "The Book of Awesome" by Neil Pasricha. It's a brilliant book about all the awesome things that happen in  life that we miss because we are focused on the many negative things surrounding us. Neil wrote this book when his life was in a bit of a downward spiral, a close friend was terminally ill and his marriage was on the outs. He started a list of things to keep a positive direction in his life and listed it on his blog, which became a book. Today he released a second book, "The Book of (even more) Awesome."

Teachers and religious leaders around the country have caught onto Neil's ideas and spread that positive energy into their lives and the lives of those they inspire and teach. Kudos to you Neil (yeah, I realize he'll never read this) for helping us remember basic, simple, brilliant things that make life, well, awesome.

In the book he lists awesome things like the smell of baking bread, finding money in your pocket and the giggle of a kid on a swing. He also lists big things like best friends getting married, a new baby and finding out you're Cancer Free.

I think this concept is a great discussion starter to have with my friends and family. What a great way to forget about the huge problems we all face daily and have a minute of happiness.

I am taking this awesome inspiration and bringing it to our dinner table tonight. What a brilliant way to catch memories and spread a little joy.

My Awesome Things
Lip gloss
Red Velvet cakes
Making all the green lights
Fresh raspberries from my garden
Dinners that I don't have to make

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