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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Vacation

5 weeks and counting til summer vacation

Time to get organized

What to do with 12 weeks of fun, minus 2 weeks of actual vacation?

I'm just throwing these ideas your way to help you keep your sanity. Here's some ideas to keep your kids happy and busy, and you from going crazy.

Even though it's summer we still have a schedule. It's more relaxed than when school's on and I don't like the idea of my kids laying around doing nothing but watching TV or playing the Wii all summer long.

Idea Day 1- Service Day: To keep us busy I am having the kids do something nice for someone else every week. Hopefully this will help them be a little more aware of others and as they grow up they will have a sense of community and unity with each other and the world around them. The stuff I have planned is really simple like befriending someone who needs it, taking a treat to a neighbor, cleaning out their closet and donating the stuff they don't use or writing a letter to a member of the military.

Day 2: Math day: keep their skills sharp by playing board games or dice games that include counting or math principles.

Day 3: Library Day: Visit to get new books and DVD's or music, or attend an event. Free--check your library's website for details.

Day 4: Play land: I don't love McDonald's food, but they have some play lands that are fun. Just get a small treat and let them run around for an hour.

Days 5-10: Short field trips: Obviously mix these into your calendar as you will, but you can kill some time, have some fun and make some memories enjoying local parks, splash pads and locations. Wheeler Farm, The Gale Center, a trip to the dollar store and picnics are all free or low cost and can be fun.

Day 11-20: Craft day: Again, as you want to mix these into your days, plan a craft to keep their hands busy. Anything from painting, chalk art and paper crafts to building a rocket or making a pie. Visit this blog for crafty ideas, or,, or

Day 21: Science Day: Collect bugs, watch the sky, blow bubbles-or make your own, make a volcano, bake a cake or make dinner. Do something creative with stuff around the house.

Day 22: History Day: Take a tour of the state capital, or your local area attractions to see how your city came to be. Learn about your family history and what you have in common with your ancestors. Visit the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints museums in downtown SLC (if you're lucky enough to be close).

Day 23: Pools: Lots of local pools with inexpensive admissions. Don't forget the sunscreen. Or set up a pool party in your yard and invite your friends. Think sprinklers, wading pools, slip n slides, Popsicles and squirt guns.

Day 24: Sports Day: Go bowling, play capture the flag, kick the can or basketball. Have a jump rope contest, a hula hoop contest or hide and seek. These games are as fun for mom and dad as they are for kids.

Day 25: Movie Day: Rent a redbox, or borrow one from the library or a neighbor. Or set up your video camera and make your own.

Day 26-36: Big Field Trip day: Visit a museum, planetarium, aquarium, ghost town (Mercur and Ophir, Utah), Nickelcade or arcade, Peppermint Palace, Thanksgiving Point, Gardner Village, mini golf, Hollywood Connection, Cherry Hill, Lehi Legacy Center, local city rec centers or local ice cream shops. A bit more money than some of your other daily fun, but also a great bargaining chip to help little ones behave during the week.

Day 37: Backyard camp out: Set up a tent, or sleep on the tramp and watch the stars. Tell stories, scary or not, and don't forget the smores. Eat dinner outside and play games.

Day 38: Scavenger/Treasure Hunt: We played a great game for the twins' birthday this year. A mix of Amazing Race and Minute to Win It. Make up clues, get some treats and use your imagination.

Day 39: Take a break and go on a little trip to a nearby town. Stay the night at a local hotel, or just go to grandma's for the weekend.

Day 40: By this time you've made so many memories you should take a day to scrapbook your pictures and have each person journal an entry as to the memories they've made this summer. And of course, visit our blog often for more creative, fun ideas.

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  1. These are great ideas, almost makes me wish my little monsters were going to have a long summer. I think I'll use a few during the short summer we get.