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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Take A Stand...If You Dare

So maybe you don't all agree about what the FCC wants to do. If the F-word and female frontal nudity don't bother you on prime time TV, please skip the rest of this post. This is my opinion and I was relatively shocked it was a bit more conservative than I normally play.

According to Yahoo and the Desert News “F-bombs” and some female frontal nudity could soon become allowed on prime time TV — but major media outlets have largely ignored that development during the 10 days that have transpired since the Federal Communications Commission announced it is considering relaxing the decency standards that govern nudity and profanity on broadcast television.”

To find more info from the Deseret News click HERE.You can get info from Yahoo News HERE!

I filled out the FCC comment form this morning because not only am I not OK with my kids seeing this--yes I realize I can turn the TV off, but I don't want to see it either. Again, yes I realize I can turn it off. I believe that if a program needs to rely on nudity and profanity to get viewers, then the story line isn't good enough to watch.

I realize this is a conservative point of view--no "bad" words allowed, no naked ladies, oh my! I also realize that people will watch TV for the shock factor, and many businesses make money because we watch. I think that we need to maintain a level of decency in society. Children and adults are exposed to this stuff everyday, but if we just sit by and say "They'll see it other places," or "we can't stop it," then we have given up fighting for decency. I realize that most kids have full access to the Internet, and see stuff at school that is probably along the same lines as what the FCC wants to do. I can't control that, but I can let my voice be heard and voice opposition to this behavior being in one more place that my kids and I have access. Some nights I just want to unwind and have a good laugh. I want a relatively boob free and F-bomb free place to do so.

If you agree go to  (Make sure the Filing Number is 13-86) and Fill in the Form and the comment you want to leave. Don't forget to confirm your comment to submit it to the FCC.

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