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Monday, April 15, 2013

Relax...and Breathe

I took the twins to get an orthodontic evaluation on Friday. (Insert colorful expletives here). I could have a really great kitchen AND nice vacation for the quote we were given--needless to say, we'll be shopping around. Friendly advice--if you want your kid to have a good future, send him/her to dental school. After the initial shock--you would have been impressed by my poker face--we made our way home and had another teaching moment as mother and daughters. You know the one--value of a dollar (or $10,000 of them), and the virtue of hard work and responsibility? I have proof it sunk in this time because I heard them talking about our moment later that night while they were cleaning up the kitchen--score one for me. In any case looks like I'll have to donate some eggs or something to pay for this upcoming little venture with my lovely children--I'm fine with that--they obviously work well and I don't need them anymore.

After the world came crashing down on me, and I hyperventilated about how much we need to do, want to do and have to do, I got a very supportive husband's shoulder to whine on, and then we made a plan. He assured me we'd be "fine" (F-rustrated, I-nsecure, N-eurotic and E-motional) and figure it all out. Wow! He really is the smarter one...and I am putting my faith in him to help us be "fine."

I've now had a few days to think about things, and I came up with a whole new scenario about learning to let it go. We (you, me, anyone) do not have control over any one's (the universe, God, family, friends, neighbors, etc.) actions. We only have control over our reactions. Many times people say or do things to get a reaction, but if we don't give it, they are sent an unexpected reaction. So this plan can be set into action on many levels--serious and not so serious. I was taught to ignore people's annoying actions or habits, but that doesn't always work. Making a joke, simply laughing the awkwardness off and changing the subject can be equally effective ways of dealing with trying situations. You can't control any one or anything, so take my advice, and have a plan to avert a situation where things get seriously out of control.

"You can't control others' actions; 
you can only control your reaction."

Seems pretty simple right? Don't flinch, don't give up, don't give in. It's ok to take a minute and think about your response and options. Sometimes all you need to do is smile and nod and walk away.Speaking of smiling, in 22 months my children will have perfectly straight and lovely smiles....and it's going to be a "fine" experience.

Relax...and Breathe.

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