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Saturday, September 17, 2011

U Know U have lost your mind when....

It happens to everyone. You walk into a room to get something, only by the time you get there you can't remember what it was. Or you're in mid conversation and have something clever to say, and then forget. In high school I had an English teacher who called this "brain farting."

I think it's a sign of how overwhelmed we are, and how we try to cram 1,000 things into 10 minutes worth of time. So I am overwhelmed, daily. I am constantly juggling and sometimes I have to reach way out there to catch the "balls." Ya know what I mean?

Yesterday I received some great news. I have been chosen as a winner in a local photo and writing contest. Yippee. When Andy asked me what I sent in, I had NO IDEA. I know it was a pic of one of the kids from a trip this summer, but what I wrote and what I submitted is a mystery. But hey, someone thought it was great. Over the next year the photo exhibit will be traveling through the local library system. I should have a schedule in the next few weeks to share so you can see my awesome picture too.  It starts at the Columbus Library in October.

Here's an update on the craftiness happening this weekend.....(remember from an earlier post this week....)

Not too bad. I love the Cricut system. It made this Halloween project quick and fun.

The girls and I even made some jewelry with the Cricut shapes yesterday. I love they are getting older and I can handle doing projects with them and not for them.

Time to get out the rest of Halloween fun and get ready for the big game. GO UTES!

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