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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun Craft

I have a bunch of fun crafts I am doing this week. I love Halloween--it's my favorite holiday. I have boxes of decor and now I am making some new things too. This post isn't about that. If I am thinking about Halloween, my excitement usually turns to Christmas too. I know...ironic holidays to love equally, but I do.

I hate shopping for Christmas in December. I make my kids and husband "turn in" their lists in October and my shopping is almost always done by Thanksgiving. So, today I've created some fun Subway Art for Christmas gifts. Don't be surprised if you get one.

Here's the first one Personalized Subway Art. Pretend your last name is "Smith" and you have four children Jane, Anna, Tom and Mike. Now replace your family's names in those blocks. Cute ehh?

Here's another, more generic one Family Subway Art.

So there's the art, now what do you do?? These are printed to a 6 inch square size. You can modge podge them onto wooden block, frame them or cut them up and make magnets out of them. When I get the final project done, I'll post it.

Fun, personal gift for anyone. This would also be a fun teacher or friend gift and change the words to say the things you appreciate or admire about them.

And of course if you want me to make you one...I am sure we can work out a deal.

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