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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Scrapbook

1. What am I eating for dinner today? Spaghetti Pie
2. Who was the last person I talked to on the phone?Andy
3. What color did I wear today? Teal
4. What was the last good thing I read? Joseph Smith Bio
5. What's one goal I have accomplished this week? Danni's first day of preschool
6. What's one thing I need to work on? Dr appts
7. Today's best thought? Ebates coming soon. Christmas shopping begins
8. One word to sum up today is? Accomplished
9. One worry or concern? I am extremely emotional this week. Totally not me, and don't know why. Maybe it's time to see a shrink????
10. Favorite thing I did this week? Fly up Football with my kids. My girls have got arms of steel.

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