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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning with Julie

Here is a list from Julie Edelman, the "accidental housewife" author. Google her for more great ideas!

1. SAY HI-LO TO DUST – Start from the highest places where dust has gathered such as ceiling fans, high lights, move on down to blinds, then walls to the baseboards and finish by disturbing those dust bunnies who have taken up permanent residence under your couch’! Use microfiber cloths and mops with extendable handles which are terrific at attracting dust dry or complimented with water or store-bought products. Using micro-fiber products are also a great and mindless way to be ‘green enough’ without becoming the Queen of Green overnight!

2. SEE YOUR WAY CLEAR- After a winter of snow, ice, sleet, rain and indoor smut, smoke, fingerprints and who knows what else now’s the time to take aim. Grab that microfiber window cleaner and/or squeegee so you’ll see the buds on the trees or your neighbor’s hunky landscaper! A simple and handy mix of 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3rd water will get the job done and cost you just pennies! You can also use yesterday’s newspaper to dry which is lint free and very eco-friendly!

3. SMITE THE MITE-Sneezing, coughing, got itchy eyes? Likelihood you’ve been sleeping with the doo from dust mites. So when you change out your quilts for the lighter blankets, bedspreads and linens wash those suckers including your mattress pads, pillow covers and all else in a high, high heated cycle (of course check care labels first!). After laundering store the winter items in air tight bags to keep those mighty mites out of there and next years achoos at a minimum!

4. SUCK IT UP –When all your dusting and cleaning is done vacuum the floors and carpeting. Better yet, if you have a child of 5 years of more get them to do it for you since they love to vacuum…If you’re childless feel free to ask a friend or neighbor who may have a child—they’ll be happy to loan them out so they can enjoy some me time alone! Be sure to vacuum mattresses too-both sides--and your bed’s baseboards to suck up those nasty mites and their doo!

5. CHECK, CHUCK ‘N CLEAN –Go through all your bathroom and kitchen drawers, cabinets, counters and fridge. Chuck anything that smells, has changed color or that’s taking up space that you haven’t used such as that juicer or blue eye shadow that was last winter’s must have. Check expiration dates too. Then wash with disinfecting wipes or a mix of vinegar and water to sanitize.

6. COME OUT OF THE CLOSET- Hit those closets and loose that magic mirror! Get rid of any of those shirts, pants, skirts, or suits that somehow shrank in size over the winter! Use old shopping bags (which I collect like Manolo Blahnik shoes as did Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City) and label one STORE, TOSS and GIVEWAWAY. Leave the bags in your closet year round so you can organize and edit on a whim anytime! After you wash or dry clean items like sweaters and other wintry stuff store them in seal proof bags so moths don’t make them holier then thou during the warmer months.

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