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Monday, February 28, 2011

End to Chaos

Our house is back to normal. Actually now it's better than normal. The cabinets are in and Andy did a great job. Hopefully, at least for a minute the butterflies and their effect have left and our remodeling is done. Check out these pics....

One of my favorite additions to our new space is this new sign. Thanks to my crafty sister in law Leslie for the help with the words, and to a certain favorite bakery for the inspiration. 

Now I hate my kitchen a whole lot less, so I guess we aren't moving any time soon. I can find things now too, so I guess I should be cooking at home more. The project was money well spent. I came in under budget so we can get Andy a new flat screen monitor for the other computer so they will both "match." Anyone else has a husband so concerned about symmetry???

Thanks babe for all your hard work. You did a great job and I love the results. Now where's my label maker??

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