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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to our World

So I've finally joined cyberworld after much consideration and procrastination. Generally I feel like if you want to know what's going on with us, ask. But, since our family and friends are growing in number and living out of the "five mile radius," here we are online, so you can see all the fantastic things (and not so fantastic) we do.

We have five kids--four girls and one boy--poor guy! Andy is a computer geek--don't ask me the details I am just glad he brings home a paycheck. He also is the scoutmaster for our area and loves it. Our kids are all amazing--not just saying that cuz they are mine--they are wonderful and we are lucky. I am a stay at home mom, PTO volunteer, active in our community and love to find deals.

Since we all have such busy lives I hope that this blog will help all of you learn from the cool things I've found to make life easier. Everything from recipes, cool deals and organization tips may, at some time, find itself on our blog.

Welcome to our for more soon. Katie

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