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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How can you reuse....

I am all about making things simple. Since I have a new baby, simple is the best I can do. And speaking of cans I have a hundred empty cans of baby formula and have felt guilty just recycling them in the recycling bin. So here are 10 ways I have found to reuse these great things.

1. Ribbon Jar--I put my lose ribbon in the can, cut small holes in the top of the can, pull the ribbon through and my ribbon stays organized, smooth and I can find it.
2. Nail/small hardware parts container
3. Money bank. Although I haven't finished this yet, we are decorating the can with scrapbook paper and stickers,and slicing a hole in the top. Every kid of mine is going to know how to save wisely.
4. Crayon holder
5. Gift box-I decorate the can with scrapbook paper and fill it with stickers, crayons, art supplies, lipgloss, treats, etc. to use as gifts for the kids' friends.
6. Seed container. I am storing all my seeds in envelopes and then in the can to keep them from sprouting early.
7. Hiding treats from the kids. Do you know how fast chocolate disappears around here? 2.2 seconds--they're like vampires--they can smell it before I even take it out of the car.
8. Dice cup. We love dice games and these cans are the perfect size to store a bunch of dice and the printed rules for many games. Instant party in a can.
9. Bug catcher--in light of the recent Similac recall this kind of makes my skin crawl, but we catch the bugs AFTER the formula is gone, not before. My 3 year old can make a nice "home" for many potato bugs in these cans.
10. If all else fails a good game of kick the can keeps the kids busy and active long enough to let me powder my nose in peace.

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