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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kate's Creation- Menu Board

I get to share this craft with all the gals in my neighborhood in a few weeks, so if you live by me---surprise! Here's an easy way to get your weekly meals organized:

Menu Boards

Photos courtesy of my daughter Sydie Sue.

As I've said before, I believe giving credit where it's due. This isn't by original idea, just my spin on the whole thing. The ideas are on Pintrest, or you can get them from me (in your color choice) for $7. You could also use it as a Memo board (which I will happily customize for you) and have a beautiful vision of what your family's week looks like. Easy-peasy way to organize your life.

To go along with this fun craft, I've also been asked to teach a quick class about Freezer Meals. They are quick, easy, and I promise will save you time and money. I use a simple system and our family & budget have benefited greatly. 

In other news.....several of you have been asking about the "changes" in our life that I've mentioned in a few previous posts. I can't let the proverbial cat out of the bag just yet, but I can tell you we are NOT having another baby, and we are not getting a divorce. So put your inquiring minds at rest.

I can say as a family, the things in our future are exciting and challenging; and as a couple, we are prepared to take them head-on. I can also say that although my patience is constantly tested the past few years have strengthened it, and I am a better person for the daily trials I have experienced.

Aren't we all better people after our trials??? We may never know why we have to endure certain challenges, but I am sure that when God closes a door, He also opens a window.

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