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Monday, July 16, 2012

Candy Bar Card

The kids made their Dad this Candy Bar card for his birthday. They came up with the sentences and I had to help with the writing. This was an idea from my childhood that I recreated a few years ago as a Thank You card for a good friend.

The idea is so simple, but can be really meaningful. Plus it can teach your kids the magic of words because you have to be creative. Basically you choose some favorite candy bars or gum, etc. and form sentences out of them. This isn't the greatest picture, it says things like "Dad we will try not to make anything go "Crunch" this year." and "we hope your day is full of "Red Hot" fun and "Almond Joy."

I did this on a full sized poster board, but you can make it any size you want. The greatest thing about this project is it can be done in any size--small snack sized candy bars for a smaller card is very cute; and it can really provide an impact of how much you love and appreciate someone. Also it's very versatile as it can be used for almost anyone for any occasion. Think "Teacher Appreciation" or birthday or "Father's Day" or "Mother's Day."

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