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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful For...Part Deux

I am thankful for a husband who has flexible time at work, so he can come take care of my puking baby while I take my four year old to a preschool field trip. I am also thankful for a friend who was willing to watch her and offered to come anytime. I am thankful for an awesome new washer that will wash comforters, so I don't have to go to a laundromat. I am thankful for friends who sympathize when I tell them I've been up at 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. the past two mornings, and don't pass judgement.

This is the payday of a parent people. Think long and hard before committing to it. This is not a job for the weak stomached, faint of heart wussies who think being a parent is like getting a cute new purse, boots or an awesome car. Kids are not an accessory. Sure people will look at your kids, or your stuff, and oohh and awww, but it's you who is ultimately responsible when crap hits the fan--or the sheets, or the carpet, etc.

To get out of my own pity party, I started thinking about our service project for our neighbors. I decided to do "The 12 Days of Christmas," I know pretty original right? So I found a couple of great websites,, and they had everything I needed. Silver lining to my day, since I can't run errands with a sick kid, I can still accomplish something. I will of course, put my own "spin" on it and share that with you in the future.

I also wanted to pass along some Thanksgiving time ideas, in parallel to the 12 Days of Christmas theme. How about the 12 Blessings of Thanksgiving? Or 12 Turkey Tales? Maybe 12 ways to scrimp and save and still have an awesome holiday? Ok, ok... hold your breath, it's about to get good....

12 Time Saving, Money Saving Ideas that Will Bless You and Yours (insert fireworks and a Dun, Dun, Da-dun-dun Da-dun here)

#12- Make a memory and a cute cookie. Decorate large round sugar cookies or cupcakes like a turkey. Better yet, use a Nutter Butter for the body, and flattened marshmallows for feathers. Cut a large marshmallow into slices, form into a leaf or feather shape and decorate the sticky part with different colored sprinkles. Share some with friends, and take pictures.

#11- Plan your dinner now, and AD MATCH. I compared Target, Walmart and Smith's this week. Although Smith's had some good prices, they are getting a new coupon policy, and depending on the cashier, it's being interpreted differently. So, I say, AD MATCH at Walmart. I did this last week, with no problem. I suggest doing this trip separately from a large shopping trip, if you have that blessing of time.

#10- If you have the blessing of enjoying a few days off during the holiday, make it FUN. Eating and catching up is so 2010. Do something fun with your family and friends. Try the game Apples to Apples, Cranium or old fashioned Charades. You will learn new things about your family dynamics and probably laugh a bit of those calories off.

Tune in Next Time for More.....

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