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Thursday, November 17, 2011

More 12 Days of Thanksgiving Countdown

If you've been following along, here's countdown days 9 and 8 for Thanksgiving.

#9- I am thankful for others who share their time and money savings ideas. Like this one. I borrowed this from a FB post by Marnec. Disclaimer, I haven't tried this yet (still trying to find the paper bags from our last craft project), but the PYP site I saw this on, is pretty reliable. Let me know if it works for you.

You will need:
A brown paper lunch sack
1/4 c. popcorn kernels
some tape

Pour the popcorn kernels into the brown paper bag, fold over once and tape closed. Put into the microwave. Microwave on high for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Remember all microwaves are different, so this is just an approximate time. You don’t want to burn your popcorn so watch it closely.

Now the popcorn is all done! The bag should be nice and full.

Now you can enjoy some popcorn, how you like it! This is the best part. Here are some things you can add to customize your popcorn:

spray butter
Parmesan cheese
chili powder
cinnamon & sugar
#8- Make a new tradition. Yes, we have Christmas traditions, but why not put a special emphasis on something new this year. One of my pet peeves is people decorating for Christmas in September, or even November. Enjoy the holiday--the holiday which is actually occurring NOW, not next month.

You can do a food, blanket or hygiene drive for a local charity. Where we live Wendy's (the burger chain) is collection warm blankets, coats, hats and mittens. Grab a frosty with the kids (fyi kid size frosties are .50 cents) and donate your new or gently used items to those in need. Also many stores have drops for local food banks (Harmons, Jiffy Lube, Smiths, Rock Creek Pizza, just to name a few). This is an easy and convenient way to help out. Or you can gather your gently used household items and clothes and donate them to a local Big Brothers/Big Sisters blue drop box, or another local place in your area. Now you have room to put all that stuff that Santa (or whomever) brings.

If service projects are too overwhelming, pop some corn and watch "Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving." I love that show, actually all of the CB holiday shows bring back great childhood memories for me.

Happy Turkey Time ~Katie

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