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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Party Time

We had such a blast with our girls and their friends last night. Picture eight 10 year-olds, four hours and lots of excitement. It really was fun. I paid Jack $1 and some "treasures" to be Captain Jack Sparrow, leader of the Amazing Treasure Hunt game. We played a game that was a combo of The Amazing Race and Minute to Win It. The girls got clues and some clues had ROADBLOCKS. A ROADBLOCK was a Mintue To Win It Task that they had to complete before they got an envelope with the next clue. Jack's job was to make sure each guest completed their ROADBLOCK, and then hand them the note with the next clue. Check this pic out...

Fierce Pirate Jack Sparrow

We had a great time and they found the treasures. I also made Red Velvet cupcakes with Cherry Almond Butter cream frosting. I added chunky yellow sprinkles to the frosting before I piped it on to the cakes, so it looked like there were little golden nuggets in the frosting.

This is the party searching for clues. They did a great job working together to figure it out. Pretty amazing for girls this age. We also played an unwrapping game. I wrapped a small gift under 12 layers of paper. Each layer was different so the guests could tell which layer was the one they were trying to unwrap. The trick to the game is that they could not use their hands or fingers, only swords (butter knives) to get their layer off. Each guest had 20 seconds to try and get off the layer and the last one to get the last layer off won the prize. It was fun. We then had pizza and watched "National Treasure" to round out the night. I hope my girls remember this for a long time.

On another note, I received a present too. I am a product reviewer for a company called Bzz Agent.and get packages every once in awhile to review and talk (bzz) about. I got one from Glade today.

Right away I can tell you I was excited to do spring cleaning. Each product smells so good. I love the Scrubbing Bubbles toilet gels. I have used them for about 2 years. I also love Lemon Pledge and have used it for a long time. The other products, the candle, plug in and Shower foam, are new to me and I am excited to try them. If anyone needs valuable coupons to try these products, email me and I will get them to you. They sent me a ton. I love trying new things!

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