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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Party Time!

I really need to learn to look at a calendar and do math.

Historically March is a busy month for us. We got married in March, the twins were born in March, we bought our first house in March, we've purchased 2 cars in March and I have 2 nephews born in March. This year is busy during the month of March.

Our kids get friend parties on the even years of their birthdays. This year the twins are 10!!! Double trouble turning double digits. They are having a Treasure Hunters party. I've got lots of fun things planned and had to show off the invites.

I printed off a cute invite telling the girls' guests their special treasure hunting skills were needed to find long lost treasures. Then I burned the edges of the paper to make it look old. The extra white paper is sensoring private info. FYI.

Then I put the invite into a glass rootbeer bottle and put a cork attaching the note with a string, so it would not get stuck in the bottle. I love this idea and think it turned out so cute!

The other fun thing we did...ok, only the kids and I thought it was fun. Andy about killed me. I painted all the kids hands and let them make art for our playroom. I am framing these and hanging them on the wall....eventually. It was fun and the kids didn't want to stop. Even Lexi got to paint. It was bath night, luckily for me. "A family that plays together, stays together." Sorry it was messy. Think about the memories they will have. Isn't that why we do half of what we do as parents? Think about it.....

Have a great day!!

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