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Monday, March 21, 2011

I NEED a Diet Coke

I scored some awesome deals today. And with running to get any awesome deal comes a 4 year old and 1 year old that I have to bring along for the fun. Today we went to Smith's Mega Sale for FREE, yes FREE Ronzoni and American Beauty Pastas. Free how? Coupons which you can find here Print off the coupons twice for all the Ronzoni and American Beauty pasta and head to your local Smith's. When you buy any 10 packages of the Smart Taste, Healthy Harvest or Garden Ronzoni and/or the American Beauty pasta you receive an instant $5 credit from Smiths. Combine this with the coupons found on the website link above and you will pay .20 cents tax for all 10 boxes.  You'll want to print the coupons twice so if the store doesn't have stock of one variety of pasta, you can still get your free pasta by purchasing a different type that is included in the sale. There were also Smart Source coupons for the Ronzoni in the 3-6 newspaper.

So back to needing a Diet Coke. Danni informed me she had 3 babies in her tummy: a snake, a crab and Freddy from Scooby Doo. "How did they get in there?" I asked. We've been having some age appropriate detailed conversations with our 10 year olds about sex and I was just curious if our precocious 4 year old was paying attention. She said, "Duh mom. They just crawled in my mouth and landed in my belly. How do you think they got there?" I couldn't say much since I was laughing with relief.

Then D. proceeded to walk over to the baby and stick her finger into the baby's mouth. When the baby bit her, she erupted into a horrendous scream. She looked at the baby like she was a monster....uh, duh Danni what did you think would happen??? I wanted to say that, but didn't. A Barbie ice pack and a Samoa cookie later, all was well. And the baby went down for her nap. I am breaking my rule of "one can per day" and having a second D.C. I don't even know what to say except thank goodness for my vices to keep me from tearing my hair out!

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