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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's a Fresh Start

New Year, New Goals, New Me, New You.

Have you ever stopped to think of all the little things you do each day without thinking? I usually don't but lately I've been feeling like my plate is overfull, getting fuller and then realizing that I am the only one who can stop my own insanity. For example, writing a note to your kid's teacher, while reserving a book online and scanning the pantry for a meal idea, all in the same breath--that's insanity!

I am not going to lie--this week there have been tears and words and doubts, and now it's time for action. I have a very philanthropic mindset--probably due to years of working for non-profits and seeing some pretty sad, shocking and scary things. So I like to give back to my community any way I can. However, after looking at my life (while driving children to school, then to the library, then the orthodontist, Del Taco and back again) I have decided that sometimes doing too much good is bad.

I had a goal to learn to say "No" last year, and for the most part I did pretty well. Then I started working outside the home, and as a way to compensate for my absence from my family and friends, I didn't give up any of my volunteer efforts, and even took on one or two more small things. We all know I am bad at math, but after 5 kids, 4 with homework, a part-time job, 6 volunteer committees, 2 church callings and oh yeah, my husband and a marriage to maintain, I am spent.

Writing has always been a way for me to "de-junk" my mind, process events and emotions, and that is why I blog. So today I am putting it down in writing that I am recommitting myself to finding balance, saying No and keeping a focus on my real priorities--which ironically I have learned aren't as I thought a year ago.

It's a new year, and time for a new start. I think it's important to take inventory of our lives, mental state, health and well-being, and realize that although change is constant, trying to prioritize and balance opportunities is a good way to LIVE a fulfilling life. Like someone really smart once said, "To everything there is a season," (Simon & Garfunkel or the Bible are both smart sources) or, "You can eat an elephant, just not all at once," (no idea who said this but every mom & dad I know needs to be reminded of this) we owe it to ourselves to take inventory and prioritize what is important for right now.

Happy New Year!

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