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Monday, January 27, 2014

Ten Minute Topics

Up until 6 months ago, I would have said that I love being busy. Now I am too busy, and this has me stressed. We are in such a multi-tasking world, where very few people are patient, and everyone seems to have forgotten their manners. I have to stop and think to myself "What am I doing?" and "Why?"

Finding balance, and teaching our families how to do the same, feels overwhelming at times. This year I really want to help my kids learn the things the world has forgotten--like "It's not about you." or "Holding the door open for 10 seconds will not make you late for AnYthINg!"

So each week we have a 10 minute topic. Everything from important family values, to time management to service. It's ten minutes of parent-child conversation that will not only bond us (hopefully), but also make us all into better, kinder, more patient people. Heaven knows the world can use it!

Here's some ideas to spark a few conversations at your house. These are just basic topics that will hopefully help you into creating your own conversations with your kids, siblings, parents, friends, or spouse.

1. Time Management- big jobs vs little jobs; make a list and prioritize; focusing on the now- learning what's important enough to put down the electronics.
2. Manners- sending Thank You cards or texts or pictures; Common Courtesy-hold a door, wait in line, let someone merge in front of you on the freeway.
3. Responsibility- You control YOUR actions; if you get it out, you put it away;
4. Service- pick a family service project for a neighbor, friend or organization; cook a meal for a tired mom and deliver it; take cookies to someone you haven't seen in awhile; send a card (snail mail) to an old roommate, relative or neighbor. Do Something to Make and Impact.
5. Integrity- the importance of being honest; Doing your best vs Being the best
6. Finance- for the love of the National Debt teach your kids how to live within their means. We all need this lesson from time to time.
7. Self-Sufficiency- change a tire; change the oil; make a meal; clean a bathroom; sew on a button; weed a garden; fix a doorknob. You know all those things you may not love doing around the house/yard, but won't get done without you. Teach this to others so the knowledge doesn't die.
8. Safety/Emergency Preparedness- something will happen someday to each of us. Whether it's locking our keys in the car, being in a blackout, or a natural disaster, we all need to know some basics to survive. First Aid, food storage, water storage, communication systems, and stranger danger are all good things to talk about with those you love.

Spread out over the year we are going to learn new skills, habits and ideas that are practical and necessary. When did we all start living in an alternate "reality" where we are so focused on ourselves? Maybe it's me getting old and noticing how crazy the real world is. In any case, here's a few ideas to bringing sanity back to you, to me and the whole human race.

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