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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party

You may remember from previous posts that although I LOVE Halloween, I despise Trick-or-Treating with kids. They get cold, and whine, don't want to wear the costume they originally picked, or they have to pee when we are miles from a bathroom. Then there's the wheelin' and dealin' of candy control (times five) and bargaining on who can eat how much, what tooth care will be required and the fall out when too much sugar has been reached.

This year Halloween is on a Monday, and the local schools celebrate it on Monday. However, the Trick-or-Treating is being done anywhere from Friday night to Monday night, probably more than once. I am turning off the lights once again and we will be having our annual pizza bash in the basement.

This year we are scoring some pumpkin shaped pizza and bread sticks, watching Young Frankenstein and consuming a minimal amount of candy. Each child chose their favorite snack pack and we're sharing. We are also supporting the local Trunk-or-Treat so the kids can hang out with their friends, play games, get candy from neighbors they know and participate in the chili cook off.

Hopefully I'll remember the camera so if anyone ever complains about not having a "fun" Halloween, I can whip out the scrapbook and have proof positive that they did have fun at least once.

Keepin' it simple.

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