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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Have I told you lately...

I've been to Target 3 times this week....but I got some cool FREE stuff. It wasn't all to score free crap, in fact that was after the fact. I am trying to get the monthly shopping done, but  forgot some necessities on my list so had to go back, and last night I just needed a break from everything on my mind, so therapy shopping I went.

I can't brag (or blog) about everything, let's just say Christmas is going to be great this year. I've saved as much as I've spent and taken care of more than half my list.

Other cool stuff this week: free Dr. Pepper zero (Target or Walmart); Free Coke (Target); Free Suave Professionals--I got a free shampoo, free kids shampoo and free gel (Target or Walmart) and Free Treseme shampoo (Target); 2-free 10 pk Shick razors; Free haircuts (2; thanks to the U of U, the guy who kicked the field goal and won us all free haircuts at Great Clips; $26 value, and I did tip); Free Thin buns; free Sierra Mist; Free Chips and Salsa from Costa Vida--love this place, and almost every time I go they give you a customer survey for free chips or dessert. 5 free feet of vinyl at Robert's Crafts. Not too bad for a week. All this is stuff I normally use; I am not one of those Extreme Couponers. In fact, I think they ruin it for those of us just trying to provide for our families. Why buy cat food if you don't have a cat, even if you do make money on it? At least donate it to a shelter or neighbor.....greed is a funny thing.

I am really serious about getting all my shopping done before Thanksgiving. I have even pointed out deals to Santa that he may want to purchase. Mrs. Claus should not have to shop for herself, or bear the burden of the Visa bill in January.

I'd love to help you score deals like this, or help you plan and save for your holidays. Send me a comment or email. Love saving money!

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