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Monday, October 3, 2011

What's on my Mind on Monday

Mealtime Monday is on hiatus just for today. I had a long weekend bottling grape juice from grapes grown by my in-laws; we made raspberry jam from raspberries grown in our garden; I also bottled more tomato juice from the last remaining tomatoes in my yard. All of my large bowls are full of produce to process for the upcoming winter months. Yes, I realize there's a grocery store, and it's not 1850, and I am not a pioneer. I do this gardening stuff because believe it or not, to us, it's fun work. Sick, ehh?

We listened to LDS General Conference while doing our "fun work." Most of you reading this are already familiar with what that is, however, if you are not please check out to learn more about the amazing gift our Savior has given us. You won't be sorry.

I learned a lot of new things, or was reminded of many things I've become apathetic about. One talk was about "being real." I loved the part where the speaker reminded me being real is more than just being honest. I am a pretty direct person, so honesty with others isn't a problem, but being honest with myself, sometimes I struggle. It was a simple reminder that "being real" is important.

There were great talks about families and the importance of motherhood. I loved the talk by Elaine Dalton about fathers and daughters. What is the most important thing a father can teach his daughter? He must love and honor her mother. This way girls grow up knowing how they should be treated, and what qualities they should look for while dating and deciding whom to marry. My girls are taught this lesson every day. Andy is a great husband; better than I deserve most days. He's a great dad too. I have no doubt the lesson is being taught to our four daughters, I hope they listen. I am preparing for rebellion every day the twins move closer to becoming teens. One of them thought they'd try out the "silent treatment" this weekend. My response was, "Oh goody, the silent treatment. I've been waiting for this." Her reaction was a very large smile, laugh and hug. Guess I'm still in charge for a few more minutes....

Having an eternal family is the pinnacle of my beliefs. It's the reason I do things, or don't do things. Every good choice I make protects my family. My beliefs have carried me through dark times, extreme loss and have rewarded me with extreme joy and happiness. I was so blessed to know my mom and every day I miss her. She's in the back of my mind reminding me how to be a better mother, friend and spouse. People say time heals all wounds. I disagree. It's been almost 19 years and the pain is still there. However, after all that time it has lessened. It's a wound that won't go away, and maybe I am glad it hasn't. It is a constant reminder to carry on, focus on my goals and live every day.

Find what matters to you and what makes you happy. Life is more rewarding when you do.

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