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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Paddy's!

Confession: We are not Irish; We are not Catholic; but we love chasing Leprechauns! Today we had a whole day to hang out as a family and it was spectacular.

We began our day with a "Magically Delicious" breakfast. Ok, so when you are under the age of 10--it's really appealing. The rest of us hung in there. Funny thing is that it tastes just the same, but since it didn't look the same there was a bit of anti-green bias going on. I chose to forgo the lesson on acceptance and prejudice and just drink my green milk. It was seriously a great breakfast.

Really? Who could say no to this face? She's the reason for said breakfast.Doesn't she look like she's got something up her "magical" sleeve?!?

Our next big treat of the day was to watch Hugo. Again, I love this sweet and innocent. Family fun for sure. Then we just spent the rest of the day hangin' out, finishing projects, eating (of course) and playing football. 

Great Weekend! Thanks St. Patrick for giving us a reason to celebrate.

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