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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome Winter

It's here...November 9th and snow is finally here. Global Warming rocks! I've enjoyed 70 degree weather in October and November....whatever, so what if we'll all die of GW effects--we all gotta go sometime.

I hate snow. It is cold. It is wet. It is hard to drive through. 
But staying at home, it is enjoyable.

 The kids were brave, and ran out into the snow. For 90 minutes they lived it up. They built "Joe Bob-Billy Bob Brown, and he is living happily in our backyard.

 D. was very concerned that the snowman had to be named before she came inside. So everyone got to choose a name, and for argument's sake La-La combined them all so we could come in and get warm.

Who knew the snow could make such "warm" memories? These girls are so good to each other.

Hot cocoa and marshmallows for everyone! If you can't beat the snow, at least enjoy it. Happy Winter!

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