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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Fun

How do you change a soggy, boring, cold afternoon into red hot fun?
(Insert here: "Mom, I am so bored. I never get treated like a fairy princess. Never!)

A nap, and a little of this...
I had to write "do not eat" on the box, but someone in our house can't read my "scrawly" handwriting, so I had to make an emergency stop to restock.

My sis and I had a little party for the kiddos to celebrate our favorite holiday. We played games, had pizza and treats and made edible crafts--truly isn't a better kind of crafts. The kids made spiders out of our treats, but you could make mummies or any other spooky thing out of Swiss Rolls, licorice and gumdrops, and LOTS of frosting.

 Directions for spiders: cut or tear your Pull n Peel licorice into 6-8 pieces for legs. Using frosting, "glue" them to the Swiss Roll (or you can use ding dongs, twinkies, whatever). Decorate the body using gumdrops or other small candies. And enjoy!

Directions for Mummies. Wrap 2-3 long pieces of Peel N Pull licorice around the Swiss Roll, securing with frosting. Add Red Hots or Gumdrops for eyes. Add "bandages" using white frosting draped across top of licorie wrapped Swiss Roll.

Easy Peasy! Thanks cousins for hangin with us! We had a scary good time!

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