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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Big Reveal

I have waited so long for this post and it's finally time. Although many of you know part of the story, no one really knows the whole thing. And, SPOILER ALERT, the whole thing does not belong on the internet. So here's the reveal, at least the part I feel is necessary to share.

Several months ago it was made clear to me that things in my life were going off track. As much as I tried to control my life, and wish I could have, I just didn't have control over my life. At least not ultimate, supreme control I thought I wanted or needed. I mean really, who does? I sought advice from a few trusted people, you know who you are, and ultimately made some decisions.

I was preparing to go back to school and get my ASL license. And then another opportunity came our way. To make a long story short Andy is actually going back to school to finish his degree. We were offered a few opportunities that made it possible for this to happen. So to the universe, our employer, and those others who helped us make this change, THANK YOU.

Now you know all good things must come to an he was released as Scout Master. It was with mixed feelings that this happened (and no, I didn't get up and dance in church) and it was an extremely hard decision to make, which was kind of surprising.

I think we all have choices and it's not always about good or bad. Sometimes it's about good, better and best. What's the best choice for me (or us) in this situation? The last few years have taught me more than I'd ever want to blog about. Let's just leave it at, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Seems kind of a silly, simple thing, but it's a huge blessing to be at the same place at the same time, metaphorically speaking. So together we move onto a new phase of life, which we are hoping will lead to several new opportunities down the line. Ya' know what they say, "When people plan, God laughs." Well I am done tempting fate and am trying to be happy in the here and now.

So there's the "cat out of the bag." And here's to upward progression.

Be happy with what you have. Chances are you have it pretty good!

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