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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Words of Wisdom

So here we are. The first week of school down, one kid left to go--Danni's first day of "big" school is tomorrow. And then it will be me and one kid in the afternoon. Will I cry???? Maybe tomorrow when Danni leaves me and doesn't look back, or worse, if she cries and clings making it impossible for me to walk away gracefully. It should be an adventure.

Maybe my afternoons will even become more calm with just one--who for now, still naps. Oh, I hate to even write it down, for fear of pissing off Karma and having something impede my impending possible freedom. Whatever tomorrow brings it should be memorable.

Our life is in constant craziness and probably like your own, won't slow down for several years to come. My goal this school year is to teach all my kids independence. You are responsible for you and your homework. I am going to try hard not to nag and remind. Let it not be a reflection on my parenting skills if someone forgets something. Live and learn and maybe even write it down....those are my Words of Wisdom today.

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