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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Freezer Meals Cookbook

I'm off on a new adventure! As you know, writing is a passion of mine, and if you love something, and you can make money doing it, shouldn't you combine those things for awesomeness?

I will be pursuing a few new writing gigs this year, and trying to help out our family budget too. We really need a vacation this year--like really, a lot, badly need one. So off I go to find something to do that will maybe earn me a little cash on the side. More on that later.

Since our lives (everyone, not just me) are so busy, I have revived an old cooking method--Freezer Meals. And since I also read other awesome websites, I have linked you to a great cookbook from Jordan at "Fun,Cheap or Free" You can find her blog here.

You can also Sign Up Here for Cookbook. The cookbook is done in conjunction with "Deals to Meals" which is another great website.

I am endorsing both these ladies and their sites, just because I like them. They did not compensate me. And of course I am attempting, as always, to make your life, and mine a bit easier.


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