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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making It Personal

Most of you know that I earn my living by writing...writing everything from grants for non-profits, freelance pieces for magazines, news articles for newspapers, blog posts; at this point I've done a lot of writing. I love to write, but it has to be purposeful for me to extract any kind of pleasure. Writing a piece just to write it, doesn't flow out of me the way something I am passionate about does.

My latest writing adventure has been around the topics of Family History, and helping people preserve precious memories and family stories that often disappear as the older generations go to a better place. I have been inspired to read the "everyday" stories from my clients. We are all so much more than we realize.

With that in mind, let me say matter your religious (or not) affiliation (or not) you should be leaving something in writing for your families. Everyone has a contribution to make--some of us are great leaders, teachers or friends. Others of us are granted the patience to be incredible spouses and parents. We each have the opportunity to leave a positive mark on this crazy world, so why not do it?

I like to dabble in "Genealogy" or "Family History" just because it's fun. I like to learn about the past, where I came from, what challenges past generations overcame, what they excelled in, and the like. The only reason I can learn these things is because they left journals or other writings, and by the grace of God, someone preserved them. It's important--so take a minute and jot down something simple about you so others can learn from your experience. Really, it's important, I promise.

Writing Ideas
~ Your first date
~ The first time you drove a car
~ Your first crush
~ School Memories
~ Your Best Friends
~ Your Siblings
~ Memories of Family Holidays
~ Things you hate
~ Things you love
~ Childhood Memories
~ How you met your special someone
~ Things you wish you knew when you were younger
~ Your Hobbies
~ Experiences that shaped your life
~ Best Decisions
~ Worst Decisions

Get the idea? Feel free to think outside the box and record a bit to share with the world.

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