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Monday, June 9, 2014

Yard Re-do #3

Don't worry, we're almost there! Here are some things to consider before making your final purchases.

1. Check out your plot map and make sure the things you want to put in will fit into the space you have. Check the tags to see the height and width of the plant at its maturity so you don't over plant. Each plant needs plenty of water, sun, food and space to thrive.

2. Consider the height and width of each plant to make your final placement. You want tall things in the back and shorter (and rounder) things up front.

3. Buy things that will bloom in various seasons. Bulbs are great for early spring; many perenials bloom from mid-spring into summer; others bloom mid-summer to fall. You don't have to buy these items all at once, just consider bloom time as you finish your map.

4. Consider placing containers or other art pieces in the garden for variety. 

Once you've checked that off, go buy them. This can often be an overwhelming and expensive step. You don't have to buy all at once. Also think about doing one section of the yard each year.

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