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Friday, February 14, 2014

Organized Meal Planning

I have tried so many ways to keep our life running as smoothly as possible, but since returning to the work force I have been making things up as I go along. Each week I plan our meals, with the best of intentions, and each week our kids have a night to cook. Things have become complicated in our lives lately, and dinner is well....a hurdle some days. I think dinner time is the most important time for my family, and really try hard to have it together 5 nights a week. Since each kid has a night to prepare the main dish, that means another kid is in charge of the side--see that's all in an effort to get the kids to work together as a team...shhhh! Don't Tell!

So this week I got smart and put it all down on paper so everyone is literally on the same page! My husband calls this the "Dinner Matrix" and surprise!, even uses it. It's become a great way to know what each person's responsibility is, and a great way to rotate through what we have so it isn't wasted, and also a good way to know what I really need to buy at the store.

Like the idea? Well Lucky YOU! Download it here.








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