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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Traditions

I love, love, love seeing Christmas lights. It's my all time favorite tradition. I love to drive around and see the creative displays that bring joy, fun and cheer to neighborhoods all over the valley. We always have cocoa and doughnuts and drive around different areas to bring the Christmas spirit home.

This year we decided to add a little more fun and play Christmas Light Bingo while we take our annual drive. I panicked thinking I was going to have to create some kind of Bingo card, but thanks to Google and Pintrest, and other crafty chics who are awesome enough to share, all the hard work has been done for me.

Click here for a great Christmas Light Bingo game. This is a great site that has lots of creative, fun Christmas games. Like the Christmas Crossword or Christmas Wordsearch. Thanks to those of you who put your amazing ideas out there for the rest of us to enjoy!

So here's to another fun year driving around to enjoy the bedazzling bling of the neighborhoods. Really any excuse to eat a chocolate doughnut is a good one--don't ya' think?!?

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