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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy November

Hello All...Long time no posting. I know you've been going through withdrawal. So here's the thing...I got a job. A real job, in the city, doing work that (hopefully) will make a difference to many. Over the last year we've experienced many expensive experiences--none of them good. From broken household appliances (3 of them, and not the kind of appliances you can stick in a Walmart cart), a new truck transmission, tires, U joints (the hubs LOVES this truck--it's like his non-human BFF) and a whole bunch of other broken stuff that meant our Christmas trip to California wasn't going to happen.

We'd already told the kids we were going (note to self: keep your mouth shut when big things come up until you are sure!) and even plan to have a small Christmas to save money to go. I did a few things from home to earn $$ and it seems just as I was getting on top of things, something else would happen.

So kind of on a dare (I triple dog dared myself) I began "just looking to see what would happen" if I got a job. That thought is the most dangerous thought I have. I have literally said "let's see what happens" 7 other times in my life. The first time I said it, we bought a house. The second time, am I am not joking, we got pregnant with twins. The last time I said it....we got our baby. I have some employable skills, and I even have a big fat college degree, so I was hoping someone was looking for something that would be a win-win situation for all.

I also knew that going back to work full time was not an option. A month ago one of my favorite places in the world, The Conservation Park, was hiring a Development Director--dream job, but full time. And even though we are facing challenges, going to work full time was more time than I was willing to spend away from home. I know there's no perfect balance, and some days Mom Guilt will rule. But I am also a problem solver. I was convinced I could work a bit, but still be home when the kids got home.

Long story short some very amazing women at an amazing place called House of Hope hired me to do grant writing. The hours are flexible and it's a job I know how to do, and even have loads of experience doing. It's downtown ---which for me is great because I miss the city. I love the city, and if it were up to me, we'd live in a large city. But life is about compromise--so I get the city part of the week, and my family every day, and hopefully once we've all adjusted, happiness will exist.

Since it's Thanksgiving time I felt like I needed to put this out thankful for unexpected change. I had no idea I would actually get this job--I had some pretty specific job needs and didn't think anyone would be able to fill them. I am thankful for awesome parents who are helping with my kids and a husband who has a flexible schedule so our baby won't be out a mom--she gains a dad, grandpa and grandma. I don't think I "fell" into this job, I am pretty sure there are people there I need to meet, and need to help. And like with anything else, this opportunity will likely help me, beyond just paying bills--and that is where the real blessings are.

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