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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy (Food) Thanksgiving Day

Every year that we have Thanksgiving with my in-laws we have the same food assignments. It's fine, I'm not complaining, just getting a little bored bringing salad year after year. So this year my salad assignment has been recreated, replated and rethought to something so incredibly beautiful and fun, I am sure the Executives at The Food Network will be begging me to come and share my inspiration. At the very least, my kids will eat it.

Personal layered salads--brilliant right? Now your yams, stuffing and gravies won't run into your lettuce and get it all mushy. You have room on your plate for more carbs--and since calories don't count today, that's a great thing.

Is it more fun to eat food if it looks fun?

Maybe...just maybe, our family will be so overcome with my brilliance they won't realize they're eating something healthy.

Happy Food Day!

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