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Monday, October 21, 2013

Quick, but Awesome, Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas

I love being in my kids' classrooms, but it always seems like there is never enough time to finish all the awesome things I want to do for their class parties. Since I LOVE Halloween and LOVE parties I have a few last minute ideas to create an easy, fun, awesome party for family, friends, youth groups, classrooms, or whomever you want to be ScaRy! with this year.

1. Food
Hellooo! If you've been here before check out the last few soup recipes from September and October 2013. Other awesome ideas include Mummy Dogs (wrap dough around hot dogs and bake at 375 deg. for 20-23 minutes); Witch Fingers (use Rhodes dough, roll into bread stick shape. Use almond for fingernail and score the dough across the stick to create knuckles); Spider Eggs (cut an olive in half lengthwise to use as body- with other half slice to make legs; use this as a topper for appetizers such as crackers topped with cheese spread or deviled eggs); Sugar Cookies are always easy in Halloween shapes. I like this recipe from The Splendid Table; Spider Web Cupcakes- using colored frosting, make 3 circles on top of frosted cupcake; drag a toothpick through the circles "cutting" the frosting into equal sections to create spider web effect. Note: you need the top of the cupcake to be a different color from the web frosting.)

2. Craft or Game
Mummy Treasure Can
Use empty and clean soup cans to create spooky mummies or ghosts. Remove the label and paint the can white, or black, or whatever. Wrap gauze around can. Attach wiggle eyes. You could also use tissue paper to wrap the can, and make paper eyes. Fill with candy, treats, etc.

Pretzel Wands
Dip long pretzels into melted chocolate and roll in sprinkles. Magical wand you can spark a bit of fun with and eat.

Board Games: Clue, Twister, Headbands (you can make your own Halloween themed game by attaching cards to homemade elastic headbands or buy them at the Dollar Store), Bingo.

3. Entertainment
Karaoke to Halloween songs (check out Pandora for awesome song choices)

Fashion show using dress ups you have around the house. Video tape this-- I guarantee it will be a memory you will want forever. Think Project Runway on a Soda Pop budget.

Movies--check out Redbox, library, Netflix or Xfinity for family movies, scary movies, teen movies, old movies and more. I love Alfred Hitchcock personally.

Don't forget the cameras!

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